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MEXP - Noel Redding Story Part 1 - 1990

The More Experience - Noel Redding Story Part 1

1990 we are invited by Yazid Manou to be part of his week-long festival Jimi's Back in Paris, (September 14 -September 22), and this is where we meet Noel for the very first time.


15-09-1990 F-Paris, Olympia
To play the Olympia is more than a dream come true to start with. Not only is this the first time we ever share the bill with one of Jimi's bandmates but it is also the first time we play on the very same stage that Jimi played. Thanks Yazid.

09-10-1967 © Jean-Pierre Leloir

Henry, Martin + Marcel

Randy + Noel

Noel plays an acoustic guitar set with his friend Bill Shanley. In the end he plays a couple of tunes with Randy California. He borrows Henry's guitar strap to play the bass.
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17-09-1990 F-Paris, Conway's
We have a day off, so we are visiting Paris. Noel + Bill play at Conway's, a nice little place in the red light district on Monday-Night. Of course we are there. I have a nice chat with Noel.

Noel, Angel Reca and his drummer Ramone Issacs in the back

Bill + Noel, Marcel, Graziella + Caesar Glebbeek in the back

Martin + Graziella


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18-09-1990 F-Paris, FNAC Montparnasse
On the 20th. anniversary of Jimis passing, a press conference is held at the auditorium of the FNAC Montparnasse with Noel, Caesar, Nona and Yazid.

Caesar is also selling his book Electric Gypsy and of course I am getting my copy signed.

Marcel, Caesar + Sami Hurmerinta

Back in the dressing room we have plenty of time to chat with Yazid, Nona and Ben Valkhoff from Holland one of the biggest Hendrix photo collectors there is.

Henry, Yazid, Marcel + Martin

Ben Valkhoff, Nona + Marcel

I have brought some items for Noel to sign and he is amazed to see some of the old Z├╝rich photos from back in '68 at the Hallenstadion. We all have a real good time.

Graziella, Marcel, Noel, Henry + Martin

Graziella, Marcel, Noel + Gaby

We had just released our first Single recently and of course we have one for him.


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19-09-1990 F-Paris, FNAC Montparnasse

We are playing at the auditorium of the FNAC Montparnasse, the place is crowded and we play a hell of a gig. Everybody's there to watch us, Angel and Ramone, my friend Pap from Swiss California, Noel's watching us from the wings. It doesn't get better than that.

Marcel, Martin + Henry

the place is packed

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22-09-1990 F-Paris, New Morning
This is the closing night of the Festival and again we have the privilege to share the bill with some very fine artists. After us opening, it's Noel + Bill playing their acoustic set, followed by The Angel Reca Band who are playing an amazing set. I can still hear Machine Gun and Star Spangled Banner. After Angel it's Zoran and then it's time for the headliner of the night, Bernard Allison with his dad Luther as special guest.

Marcel doing Soundcheck for Noel's acoustic

a fantastic crowd

Noel in action

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We had a wonderful week in Paris and we made a lot of friends. I'm sure that nobody who's been there will ever forget it. For Yazid it must have been the experience of his life. For us it was the beginning of a long friendship with Noel that lasted until his passing in May 2003.